Family barbeque. Happy young couple barbecuing meat on the grill while other members of family sitting at the dining table in the background

Turn Your Outdoor Space Into Your New Favorite Room

With summer just around the corner, what better way to make the most of the warm weather than with a well-designed outdoor space? Whether you have a balcony, rooftop, or an entire backyard you can turn this area into your new favorite spot!  

Find Coverage

Outdoor spaces often don’t have enough coverage from the sun, which can be frustrating when the weather gets hot. Opt for a patio set with an umbrella or even a mechanical overhead shade! 

Create a Seamless Transition

Get the best of indoors and out with sliding doors or screens that create a seamless transition between the two spaces. This is the perfect way to enjoy a meal outdoors, add some extra room for children to run around, or even just to open your home up and let the warm summer breeze in! 

Temperature Control

Hot or cool temperatures shouldn’t stop you from having a good time outdoors! Your backyard is an extension of your home and should have the right heating and cooling systems to suit any occasion. 

To combat those sweltering summer temperatures, choose an umbrella or a patio ceiling fan to keep you cool. An outdoor fireplace, firepit, or built-in heaters will help you stay warm during cooler weather. 

Light Up The Space

Nothing transforms a space like great lighting! Incorporate a mixture of brighter built-in fixtures and muted accent lights to provide proper lighting no matter what the occasion. 

Brighter lights are best for cooking areas whereas muted lighting provides sitting areas with better ambiance. String lights, candles, and lanterns are other easy and cost-effective ways to illuminate your space that will fit just about anywhere!  

Add A Cooking Element

What better reason to get outside than to cook a delicious meal? Just picture it—cooking a mouthwatering burger on the grill while enjoying the cool summer breeze!

Remember to place your grill or cooking space under a covered area so you can enjoy a great cookout even when the weather is lousy. 

Embrace the Coziness

Welcome the classic Hygge trend and take coziness to a whole new level with a few elements: 

  • Comfortable seating with weatherproof cushions to lounge on 
  • A vibrant, outdoor rug
  • A bin of fuzzy blankets to keep handy

We want to help you get your home ready to make the most of the summer season outdoors! For more great tips and advice, give our furniture and design experts at Miller Bros. Furniture a call today at (712) 255-3575.