How to Make Your Outdoor Space the Event Hub of the Summer

Now that the winter coats are stored in the closet and the days are getting warmer, people across the country and heading outdoors and soaking up as much of the sun as they can.

Here are just a few of the ways that homeowners can turn their backyards into the place to be this summer.

Light Up the Night

Daytime parties can be an absolute hit with your friends and families, but why should the fun stop when the sun goes down?

If you’re looking for that fun-yet-intimate vibe, install solar lights throughout the yard or hang up strings of soft light bulbs around your outdoor dining table to illuminate small gatherings of close friends perfectly.

Provide Plenty of Seating

Standing around the barbecue with a few friends can be fun, but if you’re looking to make your backyard the party hub of the neighborhood, be sure to have plenty of seating for all your guests

Whether it’s a dining table for you and your friends to feast at or a variety of chairs and couches to have deep one-on-one chats, you want to make sure your guests will want to stay outdoors all day long.

Let Fun Come First

Let’s be honest here, having all the lights and seats in the world isn’t enough to make your back yard party-ready. You also need to have games and activities for your guests to enjoy.

Have a few board games or lawn games set aside for some group fun, but also consider installing some permanent features like a dart board or a horseshoe pit.

Give Your Backyard a Burst of Color

Summertime is the season of life and color, so be sure to make your backyard a delightful mix of bright colors that will boost the mood.

Planting or potting a variety of flowers will keep your backyard vibrant and lively with the kinds of shades that only Mother Nature can paint.

Summer is here and plenty of people are getting ambitious with their outdoor spaces, so let us help you get party ready and put on an event that no one will forget. Give our furniture experts a call today at (712) 255-3575 or visit us online to see how we can turn any outdoor space into your preferred space for the summer.