How to Make Your Living Room More Inspiring for Friends and Family

We all want to have a home that shares our unique features and elegance, but many of us struggle with making our living rooms the neighborhood destination for cocktail parties and community get-togethers.

Here are just a few of the ways a fresh coat of paint and a new lighting style can brighten up your home and inspire your guests!

Give Your Walls a Splash of Color

Stark-white walls may be the chic look for your home’s interior at the moment, but studies show that a splash of color can have a great impact on your guests’ moods and even induce certain psychological effects!

Want to stimulate the conversation or get your guests excited for the meal you’ve been preparing? Give your walls a coat of red! Looking to relax your guests and build a more trusting environment? Blue tones are the way to go!

Pepper the Walls with Art

Having original art in your home has a number of benefits: it supports local artists, it brightens up your home, and it makes your living room a lively area for company!

If you’re looking to excite your guests and make your living room a gathering hub for ideas, hanging art can do just that and it gets your guests talking about the meaning of the work.

Putting up photos of your friends and family is another good way to spruce up your living room, as it adds a human element and makes the space feel more alive without packing too many people in.

Mix and Match Your Lighting

Studies show that a well-lit workspace with multiple light sources can improve your mood and your productivity, and this principle applies to the rest of the home as well. Play around with different lamps and candles in your living room to make your whole event a brighter experience.

Also, try and fill your living room with a healthy amount of natural light during daytime hangouts, as the vitamin D found in sunlight will improve your mood and stimulate more stirring conversation.

Everyone wants to make their home the perfect place for guests to meet, greet, and visit. With these design tips, Miller Bros. Furniture will help make your home the place to be. Give our interior decorating experts a call today at 712-255-3575 or visit us online for more ways on how to make your home the neighborhood event center this summer.