There are countless options for media and entertainment today. With this guide, you can choose the best entertainment center for your space and optimize it for the moments that really matter with your loved ones. 

What are Your Goals? 

As you begin the search, consider what’ll work best with your space and decor. There are 3 main types of entertainment centers: 

  1. Wall units: large vertical shelving units compatible with TV and electronics
  2. TV stands: Long, horizontal cabinets that your TV sits on
  3. TV chest: Smaller units that can hide a TV behind doors

Each type of unit has a different aesthetic and will suit different needs. Take some time to evaluate your style and identify the goals you’re trying to achieve. 

For example, if your goal is to eliminate clutter from your living room, you’ll want to consider a unit with more storage. If you have many electronic gadgets, consider customizable storage with frosted or opaque panels for a cleaner look.  

Know Your Space

Taking a few measurements can help you better understand your space and what you should be looking for in an entertainment center. Measure your living room space, your TV, and your seated line of sight for the TV as this is especially helpful if you’re looking for a wall mount. Allow a proper distance from the seats to the screen—the larger your screen is, the greater the distance should be.  

You should also consider how the sightlines, potential glare from windows, and location of outlets in your space will affect the placement of your entertainment center. 

Additional Features

There are many features you can shop for, but there are two that will really increase the functionality and lifespan of your products.

  1. Air ventilation: If electronics have poor air circulation, they’ll overheat and may get damaged. Look for a unit with cutouts or panels that allow your electronics to breathe. 
  1. Cord management: Flexible tubing or a built-in cord management system can help you contain the overwhelming multitude of cords that are present. 

Start the year off right by finding the perfect entertainment center! Give the furniture and design experts at Miller Bros. Furniture a call today at (712) 255-3575 or visit us in store for more great tips and advice.