How to Choose the Best Entertainment Center for Your Home

Between Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO, there has never been a better time to be a TV buff. Shows and movies are available at the click of a button, allowing you full control of when and, more importantly, where you watch them. Make 2019 your year of superb party hosting with these helpful tips for giving your home the ultimate entertainment center!

Analyze Your Space

Every entertainment center is different because each living room or den is a different size and shape. Before purchasing any systems, figure out the placement of your furniture and TV. This will give you a solid floor plan that maximizes the comfort of your space. Note that if your entertainment center is flat against a wall, it will provide clearer sound, but if it is recessed in a corner, the sound will be louder. Also consider the position of your speakers—mounting smaller speakers at the viewers’ ear level will keep the sound from bouncing and allow you to enjoy your center even more.

Know Your Entertaining Goals

We at Miller Bros. Furniture carry a wide stock for all your household needs, but the purpose of the entertainment center is up to you. Is the entertainment center going to be used for large viewing parties to watch your favorite shows, or for a relaxing night in with family as you throw on a movie? Knowing your goals will help you not only in planning your parties, but in budgeting for furniture as well. A sofa and loveseat duo will work excellent for parties, while a pair of recliners will make for a cozy night in.

If you want to optimize your entertainment space at home and make 2019 a great year for party hosting, contact our representatives today at (712) 255-3575 or send us an email at!