Choosing a Sofa for Your Lifestyle

So, it’s time to buy a sofa. How can you be sure that what you choose will be a high-quality piece of furniture? This guide will help you choose a sofa that will stand the test of time.

Before You Buy
As you begin your search process, it’s important to consider the balance between design and functionality. Yes, you want to choose a color and texture that will look great with your home decor, but remember to consider your needs too. Do you have a large family or are you an empty-nester? Do you have pets or will you frequently have people over? A person with a larger family might consider a sectional, while a person with pets may opt for a pet-friendly fabric such as denim, microfiber or fabrics with high polyester content.

Judging the Quality of a Sofa
There are a few important basics when considering the materials of a sofa and we even wrote a blog post on our best tips for judging the quality of a sofa last year. Frames made of kiln-dried wood held together with screws and dowels tend to last longer than glue and staples. Opt for pocket coils and sinuous springs as they provide a more comfortable seat. Foam is a common sofa filling, but not all foam is equal. A high-density foam won’t lose its shape over time. Lastly, look for sofas made of high-quality fabrics, such as leather so that it maintains its color for years to come.

Tips for the Buying Process
It’s essential to test different sofa styles before you buy. When testing a couch, sit down and check the back support. You can also sit on the corner or outside edge to see if it squeaks or creaks which means that the springs are incorrectly placed. If you buy a couch online, make sure to check the return policy, as well as other information such as on how do they ship the furniture? Is it dropped off on the curb? Are you responsible to assemble, dispose of packaging materials and move into your home? We do all the heavy lifting. Let us deliver, properly arrange and place your new furniture in your living space. Take your time in the testing process—this is a piece of furniture you’ll be sitting on for many hours, so don’t be afraid to test it for a few minutes in the store.

We hope these tips help you make an informed decision when you’re shopping for your next sofa. At Miller Bros Furniture, we have an experienced and friendly team at your disposal. We can work with your existing colors, create new palettes, and help you find a sofa that balances design and functionality. For all your home’s design needs, contact us through our website or by calling (712) 255-3575.