5 Tips to Keep Your Home Cozy This Winter

When the winter months are long and cold, there’s nothing better than a cozy home! Use these 5 tips to keep your home warm and welcoming all season long! 

Create a Haven for Sleep 

While light, breezy sheets are perfect for summer, the winter months call for something a bit warmer. Switch out your current sheets for a snuggly flannel set, add a throw blanket, and swap your throw pillows for a cozier material. Accents of velvet or cable-knit will warm up your room and make it a soothing sanctuary for sleep. 

Protect Against Chilly Feet

During the winter, there’s nothing worse than cold feet! To keep your toes toasty warm all winter long, stash slippers and warm socks somewhere that’s easily accessible. Place them right at your entrance so you can enjoy their comfort as soon as you walk in and be less likely to track snow and salt into your home! You can also put thick area rugs in strategic places like your kitchen, by your favorite reading chair, or under the coffee table.

Soften Up Your Lighting

Harsh lighting can make those winter mornings and nights feel a bit colder. Try soft white LED lights that will flood your space with warmth—you can even light candles for extra ambience. Take control of your lighting with dimmer switches or finding lampshades made out of a light paper or linen material to softly diffuse light.

Add Some Plants

Just because the outdoors are snowy and cold doesn’t mean that your house has to be dreary! Adding some greenery to your home will provide life and vibrancy, making it extra cozy! Plants can prevent stress, boost your mood, and even increase memory retention! If you don’t want to care for a ton of house plants, building a terrarium is an easy way to enjoy the same benefits.

Choose Seasonal Scents

Nothing makes a home feel more inviting than the scents of the season. Try a warm scent, like cinnamon or vanilla, or a soothing scent like lavender to encourage better sleep. You can light a candle or diffuse essential oils to fill your home with these delightful scents. 

We want to help you create a cozy and inviting haven to make the winter months fly by! Give our furniture and design experts at Miller Bros. Furniture a call today at (712) 255-3575 or visit us in store for more great tips and advice.