With the weather heating up and sunny summer days on the horizon, we’re feeling the call of the great outdoors—and there’s nothing better than enjoying a warm summer evening in your own backyard living room or patio oasis, throwing a backyard BBQ with your friends and showing off your grilling skills, or kicking back with a good book on a sunny afternoon.

But to do it properly, you need to make sure that your outdoors are as well-furnished as the rest of your home. Check out our tips on how to make your outdoor space the envy of the neighborhood.

Pick a decor style (and stick with it)!

Ever invited people over for a patio party and thought “Oh no, where will everyone sit?” then panic-purchased a set of those cheap white plastic deck chairs (you know the ones)? After a few years of amassing patio furniture as-needed, your outdoor space can end up looking like a hodge-podge that registers as anything but cozy. Pick a decor style that works for your space and stick to it when furniture shopping. Many manufacturers offer complete sets of furniture, so shopping these sets makes it easy to keep your pieces feeling connected.

Create purposeful areas

If you’re patio-privileged, use space to your advantage by grouping your furniture into areas designed for definite purposes. Think grilling area, chilling area, reading nook… the possibilities are endless!

Hot tip: outdoor rugs work great for visually separating or drawing together certain groups of furniture.

Create a focal point

Just like the coffee table in your family room, a great patio should have a piece of furniture around which everyone can gather, whether it’s to eat, set their drinks down and talk, or warm themselves with a fire.

Add sweet lighting for evening chillin’

Nothing beats firelight, but having consistent lighting is one of the best ways to enjoy your outdoor space after sundown. While your home’s porch lights may work, consider string lights or small lamps for warmer tones and added ambiance.

Include places to make food

The best part about your patio? Unlike your family room, you can barbecue there! Remember to leave some space for a good grill, or if you’re a real patio pro, set up an entire outdoor kitchen with an island system and built-in grill.


Above all, creating a patio that’s as cozy as your indoor spaces will help you, your family, and your friends make the most of the summer this year. Miller Bros. Furniture can help you enjoy the outdoors with our wide selection of outdoor furniture. We also have a great offering of grills and other patio accessories! Call us at (712) 255-3575 or visit us online to start planning your outdoor oasis today!