How to Dress Up Your Home for Graduation Parties

Graduation season is coming up fast! If you’re the hosting type, that means there is a lot of prep to do between now and the date of your celebration. You want to impress your guests, so why not add a few new pieces to your space for the big day?

We’ve got some suggestions you’re sure to love!


Where are your guests going to sit? In larger gatherings, chances are that your guests will stand and mingle, but you always want there to be multiple options for them if they want to sit down. Sectionals and couches provide an excellent solution for accommodating a group. Accent furniture looks great and adds interest to your space, so if you’re looking for something unique to add, it’s an excellent option! We’re happy to give recommendations in store, so come and check out our selection of living room furniture.

Don’t forget to rearrange your furniture to suit your party, either. Consider arranging your seating in a way that encourages face to face conversation, especially if you’re hosting an intimate gathering. This works well with smaller pieces of furniture, such a love seats and single chairs.


Nothing brings a space together like accent pieces! Something as simple as a new lamp, vase, or painting can freshen up your space for your party. We recommend hanging art pieces above the sofa or on a wall where your guests will be able to admire them. For accent items such as vases, candles, and other decor, consider styling your coffee table to make it a focal point in your room. Even the coffee table itself can be a work of art. We have a great selection of tables and accent pieces to choose from!

Furniture Gifts for Grads

Is your graduate leaving home? Furniture makes a great gift, too! Many small suites and apartments can be low on storage, so small storage units such as shelves and baskets will always be useful. If your graduate needs living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture, shop with them to choose a piece they like. Or, gift them your old furniture so you can come to Miller Bros Furniture and pick out some new pieces for your home!

Ready to spruce up your home for a graduation party? Custom orders typically take 8 weeks to complete, so order early. Come in and we’ll be happy to help you pick out some pieces. Or, call us at 712-255-3575 to ask about our selection.