Getting Your Furniture Ready for Holiday Parties

At one time, hosting holiday parties meant following a strict set of rules for everything, from seating to eating, and everything in between. While holiday festivities may be much more relaxed and casual today, they still require a bit of planning. If you want to host a perfect holiday party, you need to prepare one of your most versatile, attractive, and functional home companions for the occasion ahead of time: your furniture!

Make Your Home Even More Welcoming

It may be tempting to push your furniture against the wall to make room for your guests and to create a better traffic flow. If you do so, however, you’ll be missing out on opportunities to use some of your furniture pieces to make your home more welcoming for your holiday guests.

For instance, a stone top buffet can be a perfect spot to set down snack trays or beverage bowls. Your existing dining room table can serve as the central hub for your holiday food. Also, invest in some extra bar stools to create an inviting spot in your kitchen where you can talk to guests while you prepare your holiday party food.

Spruce Up Your Home Decor

Preparing your furniture to host a holiday party can also include adding some appealing ambiance to your home with the right accessories or decorative pieces. This doesn’t mean you have to up your party planning budget—just simply embrace Mother Nature and have fun with easy DIY projects.

Just with pinecones alone, you can create pinecone candle jars, pinecone kissing balls, and glitter pinecones to decorate your space. Another great idea is to use carved-out pumpkins, flower petals in wine glasses, or empty wine bottles decked out with glitter to make beautifully unique centerpieces.

Set Up Comfy, Convenient Furniture Around Your TV

Some holidays, like Thanksgiving, will involve your guests gathering around the TV, watching their favorite teams battle it out as they wait for the big meal to be ready. If you know this is going to happen, be prepared by setting up some comfy, convenient furniture selections around your television. This might include placing a spacious coffee table in front of the sofa or a couple of ottomans in the room.

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